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 =TDA= WOLFBOT will go offline soon

On April 23 2006 the lease for the server =TDA= WOLFBOT is ending.
There will be no renewal since I want to take the server offline.

Hopefully this will not be the end of the TDA botserver, but it will
disappear for now. Maybe it will come back some day, but there has
to be a reason for this server to come back online again.

Those who want the server to come back, can express their feelings
on this site. If the demand is large enough I will consider renting
another server, but this time it will be hosted in Holland with the same
company the SPQR server is rented from. If the server comes back
it will be running Fritzbot and no longer Wolfbot. But once again,
wether =TDA=WOLFBOT will come back or not depends on you.

Feel free to post your comments under this newsitem
^((TDA^))Guerna(B)onThursday 20 April 2006 - 00:30:54
comment: 3

=TDA= WOLFBOT will go offline soon^((TDA^))Guerna(B) | 22 May : 12:57

Comments: 12

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Just testing if the comments are working again.
It seemed they were broke.

=TDA= WOLFBOT will go offline soonLIANNE | 25 May : 17:20
[ Corporal ]
Comments: 1

Registered: 26 Feb : 20:32
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Bring Wolfbot back I dont like any other servers

=TDA= WOLFBOT will go offline soon^((TDA^))Cris-D50(Ger) | 26 May : 11:38

Comments: 7

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So do I !

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[03 Apr : 15:53]

Bonne anniversaire Sylvain
[03 Apr : 13:52]

[24 Mar : 08:04]
Everybody keep safe from corona virus.
Or call the medic
[23 Mar : 19:18]

the korona virus is
[27 Feb : 14:11]
Hello Guerna,
thanks a lot for your lovely wishes!
[23 Feb : 14:46]

Have a nice birthday
[11 Jan : 11:12]

have a good birthday Doug
[10 Jan : 21:31]

ZOLTAR has big day tomorrow on 11. January.

[03 Jan : 18:43]
thank u all for the BD wishes, wish u all the best in 2020.
[01 Jan : 22:03]

Happy new year 2020
[01 Jan : 10:54]
Happy New Year everyone. Lots of health in 2020
[31 Dec : 14:29]
Happy New Year 2020!
[29 Dec : 11:34]
BIG CITY server is back online.
It is running Jaymod
Happy fragging
[25 Dec : 20:39]
it started snowing
Merry Christmas
[25 Dec : 13:05]

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