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 BIG CITY OF DREAMS is back online

Our jaymod server BIG CITY OF DREAMS is now back online.
Happy fragging and have fun with it.

^((TDA^))Guerna(B)onSunday 29 December 2019 - 11:38:13
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[11 Jan : 11:12]

have a good birthday Doug
[10 Jan : 21:31]

ZOLTAR has big day tomorrow on 11. January.

[03 Jan : 18:43]
thank u all for the BD wishes, wish u all the best in 2020.
[01 Jan : 22:03]

Happy new year 2020
[01 Jan : 10:54]
Happy New Year everyone. Lots of health in 2020
[31 Dec : 14:29]
Happy New Year 2020!
[29 Dec : 11:34]
BIG CITY server is back online.
It is running Jaymod
Happy fragging
[25 Dec : 20:39]
it started snowing
Merry Christmas
[25 Dec : 13:05]

[24 Dec : 17:51]
Happy birthday Ron

[24 Dec : 11:07]

Hello Ron,

Long time not seen.
I hope you are OK and we see us soon.

[24 Dec : 09:55]

Merry christmas

[24 Dec : 09:53]
Happy birthday Ron
[21 Dec : 00:51]
ok I have found a solution : disable the GL in the options
[19 Dec : 20:17]
hello cris, with legacy I miss some structure of constructions and some equipment not resolved lol

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