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Hello all !

Author Post
Sun Apr 27 2008, 04:04am Print View
Member co-founder of ^((TDA^))
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Tue Feb 07 2006, 05:10pm
Posts: 90
Hello has all the teams and body who have to contribute to the present that I received
To see you in photo in a beautiful album is fantastic
And it without forgetting the T-shirt which honor in person possessed one
Just shall have enough been this , But I avous that $ made a patch in my wallet
A big thank you , all my heart has you all

Salut a toutes les équipes qui avez contribuer au cadeau que j'ai bien reçu
Vous voir en photo dans un bel album est fantastique
Et cela sans oublier le T-shirt qui honore ma personne dans possédé un
cela aurai été suffisant emplement , mais j'avou que les $ ont boucher un trous dans mon portefeuille
Un gros merci a vous tous de tout mon coeur

Hallo hat alle Mannschaften, die haben, zum Geschenk beizutragen, das ich bekommen habe
Sie auf Foto in einem schönen Album zu sehen ist phantastisch
Und das, ohne das T-Shirt zu vergessen, das meine Person in Besessenem eines ehrt
Das werde emplement ausreichend gewesen, aber avoux ich, daß die $ Fleischer ein die meine Mappe damns Löcher haben
Ein danke hat Sie alle meines ganzen Herzens

per Sicilian
Il saluto ha tutte le squadre che ha contribuiscono al regalo che io ho ricevuto davvero
VederLa in fotografia in un bel album è fantastico
Ed esso senza dimenticare la Maglietta nella quale onora la mia persona posseduta uno
sarà stata emplement sufficienti ma confessa che il $ abbia spina elettrica uno buca nel mio portafoglio
Un grande grazie li ha di tutto il mio cuore

PS: En plus je viens de savoir que je suis diabétique sévère ! comme si prendre 15 pilules par jours était pas suffisant
mes yeux sont quelque peu embrouiller donc désolé si fautes dans les texte l' écran me donne mal à la tête !

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Sun Apr 27 2008, 04:43am
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Thu May 18 2006, 11:29pm
Location: new york, us
Posts: 342
Hello Biscuit,

Awesome, you got your stuff...
You deserve it all...
I understood the 1st part but what about the rest? hehehe...
Per Sicilian?

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Sun Jun 01 2008, 06:06pm
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Sat Feb 11 2006, 10:10am
Posts: 52
w00t -- I have no idea what was said -- but w00t anyway
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Sun Jun 01 2008, 07:54pm
Village idiot of the year
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Fri Jun 02 2006, 10:16pm
Location: Vrolingen (Wellen)/Limburg/Belgium
Posts: 452
What Biscuit tries to say in English is this :
Thanks to the teams who contributed to the gift i received.
Seeing you all in a beautiful photo album is really phantastic.
Not to forget the T-shirt of which i am honoured to wear it.
That would have been more than enough but i must admit
that the money allmost made my wallet burst.
A really big thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart .

De rien Sylvain. Tous pour un et un pour tous.
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Mon Jun 02 2008, 06:54am
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Thu May 18 2006, 11:29pm
Location: new york, us
Posts: 342
Omg cosmic, hahaha...
@Guerna, was wondering about the "per sicilian"...
but thats ok, like cosmic said...
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Mon Jun 02 2008, 04:57pm
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Fri May 19 2006, 06:35pm
Location: Warsaw
Posts: 169
Great Bisc take care
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