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I'm back

Author Post
Mon Feb 14 2011, 10:31pm Print View
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Sat Feb 11 2006, 10:10am
Posts: 52
Hi all

How is the clan ?

Where's Biscuit is he ok ?

Does anyone fancy BF1942 or BF2 to play with?
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Tue Feb 15 2011, 12:38pm
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Sat Feb 11 2006, 12:44pm
Posts: 196
Hello Alex,

I hope you are fine!

Congratulations for your Master!

Biscuit is OK, he is often playing on the servers.

Some members left or were not seen anymore.
2 new mates joined the clan:
Pgubacso (Otto) since 3 years and
giga (Ron) since about 1,5 years.
Both are best teamplayers and it is a pleasure to play with.
William is busy as always and seen on server very rarely and when he is only for some minutes.

No idea if anyone is playing BF1942 or BF2.

So far the news, my friend.

Hope to see you on server soon.
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Tue Feb 15 2011, 02:56pm
Village idiot of the year
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Fri Jun 02 2006, 10:16pm
Location: Vrolingen (Wellen)/Limburg/Belgium
Posts: 452
Hey Al !
Welcome back. Like Cris said i am becoming a ghost when it comes to playing ET. Always something coming up and i never get to play anymore.
I own a copy of BF1942 but i guess i won't have time to play that game as well.
I would love to get the old crew together for a match against people from LOD. They seem to be playing on SPQR server a lot so maybe this could work.
ET is becoming an old game. Like we i guess.
When i have time i will be making these campaigns Cris asked me to do. I think i will have them finished by the end of the month. Most of those maps i never played so that will be akward for me when i join the server.
I still got some ideas for a new server.
Maybe i can put them to practice in 2011....

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Tue Feb 15 2011, 08:29pm
rusty nail
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Fri May 26 2006, 06:24pm
Location: 51°11'22.35"N 5°31'17.83"E
Posts: 399
Hello !
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Tue Mar 08 2011, 09:55am
Caecus Quod Vos Mos Requiro Is
[ General of the Army ]
Joined: Sun Jul 16 2006, 09:52pm
Location: Bristol, England
Posts: 36
I'm back too Cossikins Good to see you're still around.
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[05 Jun : 15:54]
Keine Ursache Christian,
Danke schon
[04 Jun : 18:13]
Shame on me!

I forgot your birthday, William.
(on vacation).
So today let me wish you All The Best
and stay healthy.

[07 May : 10:54]
I cleared xp on FUN server for all players and updated the adminlevels for players.
XP directory was growing too big.

Wolf Pack
[29 Apr : 10:10]
How do i sign up for level 3?
[20 Mar : 18:29]
American Civil War is not working proprly as a linux server.
Therefore i have converted it to GOLDRUSH NQ
It runs a mini campaign with goldrush maps.
Have fun and happy fragging.
[07 Mar : 10:24]
I have a server running American Civil War total conversion.
It is open for testing.
Please let me know if it runs ok.
[26 Feb : 11:39]
On the new servers do !admintest to check if your level.
I now have a dedicated server that can host different games with a maximum of 4 servers.
2 servers are running> I wil make more theme servers soon.
All suggestions are welcome.
[25 Feb : 15:10]
Hello William,
Hi Eddy,

thanks a lot for good wishes.

Again 1 year older, SHIT
[23 Feb : 17:54]
BEACH Forever is now 64 player server.
[23 Feb : 17:51]
i am early too
Happy birthday Cris
Alles guten zum Geburtstag.
[23 Feb : 09:21]
One day early, but Happy Birthday Chris!
[22 Feb : 21:55]
Can not join "Beach for ever".
It says "Full House".
[22 Feb : 19:12]
ping is too much William, ETnam is nice but not from New York. But thats my opinion
[21 Feb : 17:54]
Is anyone interested in ETNAM ?
I can build another server on the NY dedicated
[21 Feb : 17:52]
ping of NY servers are 95 average

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