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Monday 19 March 2007

 The outcome of the big TDA meeting on teampseak

We had a big meeting on teamspeak where we discussed the future of our clan.
We could not help but noticing that allways the same group of people shows up for practice and clanwars. We have been taking notes of who came to training for the last 3 months and the result was disappointing.

Therefore we decided unanomously to reward the players that really want to put some effort into our clan. These will be the elite players that are entitled to participate in clanwars. They also earned the right to wear the TDA Warteam tag and the benefits that come with that tag.

The clan is now divided into 3 groups each with their own colour:
1) The TDA Warteam : Orange tags (old TDA colours)
2) Regular TDA members : Green tags
3) TDA trainees : Red tags

Serverpasswords will only be available to the warteam since there is no point in being referee or having rcon access if you are not taking part in matches.
Tactics and other clanwar related stuff is also restricted to the warteam.

Regular members will have to change the colours of their tag to green.
They still will have level 500 adminrights and will have access to our
servers when they are password protected for training or clanwars.
TDA only Teamspeak will be available to them as well.
They still have the right to participate in clan only events and still have
upload priviliges to both SPQR and TDA websites.
They are entitled to apply for the warteam. After an evaluation period of 1 month the warteam votes on their admittance.

Warteam members should be present on at least 1 training per week.
Members that miss every training for 2 weeks will be suspended and
will have to earn the right to be part of the warteam again. In that case
they can still take part at trainings but they can not take part in clanwars.
After 2 weeks there will be a vote wether they can come back into the warteam or not. If that vote is negative they will revert to be a regular member.
There will be room for exceptions but only in extreme cases beyond the control
of the warteam member and after the warteam member notified the leaders.
In that case the position will come available for other regular members.
There name will then be taken off the TDA Crewlist.

We elected Cris D-50 to be our "Tactical Officer" who has the last say on
TDA tactics and what role warteam members should be playing.
He will ofcourse take the Clan Crewlist into consideration.
On the list every warteam member made a permanent choice of what role
he will be playing. Every member had 3 choices to make. Cris will decide
wich of the 3 choices will stick in the best interests of the team.

Yours truly.
^((TDA^))Guerna(B)onMonday 19 March 2007 - 12:15:28
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