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A collection of funny video's that are clan related.
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All kind of tools and other stuff related to Enemy Territory
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[06 Jul : 09:59]

Hello William,
[30 Jun : 19:44]
!944_beach map downloaded from the internet and uploaded to the cool server.
Let me know if things are fixed now.
[30 Jun : 19:39]
Christian I will check if i can fix this map.
Best way is to/ upload a fresh install of the map. I will check the internet.
[30 Jun : 19:36]
Hi Pierre,

I see Caen is not compatible with bots on ETNAM.
Only maps in the server maplist are fully supported.
I have rebootede server and added bots again so all is fine now.
[29 Jun : 11:10]
hello William,
Etnam again stay on same map "caen" without bots, maybe a problem with this map?
[27 Jun : 18:20]
Something is wrong with the map "1944_Beach" in cycle "Cool maps"
[06 Jun : 04:42]
Danke Christian
[04 Jun : 22:55]

Hallo William,
Happy Birthday!

[30 May : 22:37]

[30 May : 20:40]
Happy Birthday William
[12 Apr : 23:06]
Nice Erwin
[07 Apr : 11:39]
wlcome back Erwin
[06 Apr : 23:14]
Deat TDa,
Just to inform that I'm back
[13 Mar : 14:04]
Hi all,

I have uploaded a different version of beach_1944 map to the server.
Spawn seems to work properly now.
Lemme know if there still is a problem. If so i will take down the map from server.

[05 Mar : 23:04]
Hey Pierre, I fixed the problem and tested beach maps.They spawn fine now.

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