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[26 Jan : 22:48]
Hallo Christian,
Viel zu lange her das ich dir online bejegenet habe.
Ich bin froh dich hier wieder im Chatbox zu sehen.

Hey TDA anyone here ? Glad to see Chris on the chatbox again.
Say hi. Been way too long.
Come one team
[26 Jan : 18:21]
I observed this new player "Pgubacso" for several days.
I got sure this must be a new player - may be a relativ of Otto and could not be my best-known friend Otto.
Otto should make him a new profile - may be Pgubacso-2.
[20 Jan : 23:28]
Hi Otto
You and your son are welcome any time
[20 Jan : 18:38]
Yesterday he play with Cris
[20 Jan : 18:36]
Hi guys
the news is that
my grandson plays under my name sometime because
my pc is go on and my pension is small and occasionally I will play through his computer or laptop
[01 Jan : 18:20]
Happy New Yeart to all TDA Members and theit families. May all your wishes come true
[01 Jan : 00:00]
Happy New Year. All you can wish for in 2023.
[25 Dec : 14:02]

A very Merry Christmas everybody.
Peace to the world
[19 Nov : 17:26]
The problem is a waypoint issue but one i cant fix. This is the way the programmer of the waypoints conceived the map waypoints.
It is playable and XMAS fun. Tht is what counts. This is why i included this map in the cycle.
Happy fragging.
[18 Nov : 10:25]
Hi William, On the Fun Server there runs a Christmas version of Gold Rush. However at the beginning of the map there are are hardly any or even non Axis positioned in the Tank Depot. In addition the first Tank Barrier is seldom constructed which makes the map a little too easy to play. Maybe a waypoint issue?
[15 Nov : 17:13]
Thanks for the update Erwin.
[15 Nov : 09:34]
Hi William thanks a lot it is indeed fixed now.
[06 Nov : 15:41]
Hi Erwin,

if ixed the problem.
Some of the waypoints for the bots were missing.
It should work now.

You can test the maps. To go to the next map you can type !nextmap command.
[06 Nov : 10:05]
Hi William, I tested Christmas Castle yesterday and noticed that both teams don't leave their spawn.
[05 Nov : 23:40]
tks william

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