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    [18 Nov : 15:08]

    Thanks William
    and big fishes!
    [15 Nov : 23:01]
    Problem solved
    [15 Nov : 22:37]
    Cris i applied patch 2.60b on all servers. That cured your problem. I did some cfg updates maybe that caused it. I will check and cure
    [15 Nov : 20:17]
    Ref is only lost on Server
    [15 Nov : 20:12]
    Hi William,
    things have been normalized, dont know why.
    No Problems anymore with "Initializing".
    Only Ref is not possible anymore.
    Thanks for your help.
    [15 Nov : 20:06]

    I can not get referee.

    I guess the ref Password has been changed.
    [15 Nov : 19:50]

    [14 Nov : 19:31]
    [11 Nov : 15:14]
    Cris it is important that you use 2.60b patch to play properly on SPQR servers.
    Try installing patch 2.60b
    [10 Nov : 23:02]
    Fry downloading ETLEGACY from [link]
    If it works from etlegacy you can recover your etkey from the old game.
    You can use both
    Etlegacy cures most problems
    [10 Nov : 18:55]
    Don't know ET-Legazy.
    [10 Nov : 18:26]
    Don't know.
    He did not speak about problems.
    [10 Nov : 17:42]
    Cris you played on XMAS server together with Pierre. Did he have any problems ?
    [10 Nov : 17:39]
    very strange...
    do you use ET Legacy ?
    Try a partial clean or start the game with heavy graphics card option.
    that helped for me
    [10 Nov : 17:27]
    During "Initializing"
    I can not see objects like a tank or a command post. I can not hear a tank too.
    These Problems last until map is at the end.
    But sometimes:
    After 10 min in game suddenly all is OK again, the message disappear.
    The next map of the campaign starts and Problems return.

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