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    [07 May : 10:54]
    I cleared xp on FUN server for all players and updated the adminlevels for players.
    XP directory was growing too big.

    Wolf Pack
    [29 Apr : 10:10]
    How do i sign up for level 3?
    [20 Mar : 18:29]
    American Civil War is not working proprly as a linux server.
    Therefore i have converted it to GOLDRUSH NQ
    It runs a mini campaign with goldrush maps.
    Have fun and happy fragging.
    [07 Mar : 10:24]
    I have a server running American Civil War total conversion.
    It is open for testing.
    Please let me know if it runs ok.
    [26 Feb : 11:39]
    On the new servers do !admintest to check if your level.
    I now have a dedicated server that can host different games with a maximum of 4 servers.
    2 servers are running> I wil make more theme servers soon.
    All suggestions are welcome.
    [25 Feb : 15:10]
    Hello William,
    Hi Eddy,

    thanks a lot for good wishes.

    Again 1 year older, SHIT
    [23 Feb : 17:54]
    BEACH Forever is now 64 player server.
    [23 Feb : 17:51]
    i am early too
    Happy birthday Cris
    Alles guten zum Geburtstag.
    [23 Feb : 09:21]
    One day early, but Happy Birthday Chris!
    [22 Feb : 21:55]
    Can not join "Beach for ever".
    It says "Full House".
    [22 Feb : 19:12]
    ping is too much William, ETnam is nice but not from New York. But thats my opinion
    [21 Feb : 17:54]
    Is anyone interested in ETNAM ?
    I can build another server on the NY dedicated
    [21 Feb : 17:52]
    ping of NY servers are 95 average
    [21 Feb : 17:51]
    Christian only the new servers ar in NY the other 4 are in NL
    [21 Feb : 10:49]
    That sounds good.

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