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bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Saturday 01 January 2022 - 18:18:08
Happy New Year !

bullet SilentAssassin on Saturday 25 December 2021 - 10:00:48
Happy Birthday Ron and to everybody
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Friday 24 December 2021 - 13:23:56
Happy Birthday Ron
bullet ^((TDA^))Cris-D50(Ger) on Friday 24 December 2021 - 12:25:38


and to ALL:

bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Friday 24 December 2021 - 11:28:37

To all a Merry Christmas. Stay safe in good health
bullet ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI on Friday 24 December 2021 - 05:03:32
GOOD NEWS ! mod solo for rtcw The Victors have arrived!

link >>> [link]

is big files 1.3 GB
bullet ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI on Wednesday 08 December 2021 - 10:13:15
good news for RTCW level solo victor after 10 years New level list:

1 - Kicha, 2 - odb38, 3 - rtr(Run to Rovno), 4 - Depot, 5 - Rovno, 6 - Rovno_1, 7 -Rovno_2, 8 - Rovno_3, 9 - Rovno_4(cutscene), 10 - Rovno_4a(cutscene), 11 - Rovno_5, 12 -Rovno_6, 13 - StA_0(cutscene), 14 - StA(Cathedral StAntoniy), 15 - Rovno_7, 16 - Rovno_8, 17 - etf(Escape from Rovno{cutscene}), 18 - rtf(Run to Forest) - 14 levels playable and 4 cutscenes. Coming Dec 24, 2021 look vidéo [link]
bullet ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI on Wednesday 08 December 2021 - 09:33:55
hi all look my little video new level solo RTCW vendetta 2 grafik have changed a lot [link]
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Saturday 27 November 2021 - 00:10:02
This sunday we light the first candle to first advent. 4th sunday before christmas. Our site is now in anticipation of the christmas spirit. My thoughts are with you Erwin. It takes great effort and love to care for your mother. Tda will be a Safe harbour for you. Know this : we care for you
bullet SilentAssassin on Friday 26 November 2021 - 18:12:43
I'm very close to loose everything because I going down financial very soon but don't worry I'll go down with my head still straight I did what I can and nobody will that away
bullet SilentAssassin on Friday 26 November 2021 - 18:05:12
If people don't understand that I have a 89 year old Mother that lives with me and has dementia please take my place but I'm sure most will run away thanks for those who can't understand.... I hardly cope financial to keep her with me at home so please don't be judgemental
bullet ^((TDA^))Rusty(B) on Monday 22 November 2021 - 14:05:56
check this out [link]
bullet ^((TDA^))Rusty(B) on Monday 22 November 2021 - 13:41:59
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Sunday 21 November 2021 - 17:54:38

10 servers heheh
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Sunday 21 November 2021 - 17:53:26
Hi all,
I fixed XMAS2 (added bots for some cards) and made a 5 campaign cycle including 10 xmas maps.
XMAS 2021 plays only XMAS maps
bullet ^((TDA^))Cris-D50(Ger) on Tuesday 16 November 2021 - 19:48:16

Oh my God,
there are 10 (SPQR)-servers now.

bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Tuesday 16 November 2021 - 18:59:02
ETLEGACY kept crashing the server so i converted it to NQ nd renamed it as XMAS2
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Sunday 14 November 2021 - 14:00:21
I have created an ETLEGACY server with XMAS maps and stuff. It has other maps as well. It needs testing. Let me know what is not working properly so I can fix it.
Server is [link]
bullet SilentAssassin on Sunday 14 November 2021 - 06:00:02
William, replied
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Saturday 13 November 2021 - 15:28:35
You got PM

bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Saturday 13 November 2021 - 13:35:37
November 28 we are going into Xmas mode...
Stay tuned
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Saturday 13 November 2021 - 13:32:43
That is great news. Hope you can play this way.
Don`t forget to put your etkey in etmain.
bullet SilentAssassin on Saturday 13 November 2021 - 10:27:47
Hi William and Chris. I tried so far the method that you forwarded to Chris by installing the app under C and adjust the path. I tested two servers that I was no longer able to play on and so far so good. Thanks a million. Later today I will test the other SPQR servers. But if it works on the first two I tested it should work on the others too I assume
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Monday 01 November 2021 - 20:46:15
XMAS server is now online and open for testing [link]
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Sunday 31 October 2021 - 12:11:11
Finished creating a brand new XMAS server with 10 XMAS maps (3 new)
I tested and it boots up with bots. Now testing maps loading OK. It will come online next week .
More to come.
bullet SilentAssassin on Saturday 30 October 2021 - 15:44:42
Congrats with your birthday Rob!!
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Wednesday 27 October 2021 - 20:25:15

Next week i will start working on the XMAS servers. You read correctly there will be several XMAS servers...
bullet ^((TDA^))Cris-D50(Ger) on Monday 25 October 2021 - 20:35:36
Nice idea William
bullet ^((TDA^))Guerna(B) on Friday 22 October 2021 - 10:55:20
Hi Erwin,
Maybe there is a workaround if you install ETLEGACY on a PC and use VNC to login to the PC with your laptop. Your PC is actually playing the game but you control it with your laptop. Can be done with remote desktop too. I tried it and it works fine on a gigabit network. Even done it from my home laptop to my office PC over the internet.
A linux sandbox is another workaround. linux videocard drivers work better.
Just try it maybe it cures your graphic problems.
bullet SilentAssassin on Sunday 03 October 2021 - 05:16:01
I have an Intel(R) HD 620 graphics card in my laptop.
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[12 Apr : 23:06]
Nice Erwin
[07 Apr : 11:39]
wlcome back Erwin
[06 Apr : 23:14]
Deat TDa,
Just to inform that I'm back
[13 Mar : 14:04]
Hi all,

I have uploaded a different version of beach_1944 map to the server.
Spawn seems to work properly now.
Lemme know if there still is a problem. If so i will take down the map from server.

[05 Mar : 23:04]
Hey Pierre, I fixed the problem and tested beach maps.They spawn fine now.
[05 Mar : 16:31]
hi William, could you reload beach on "fun" there is a bug on the spawn, we appears outisde of the map
[03 Mar : 01:59]
Hi Erwin,
Get well soon.
Hope you will be back and ready to frag on server again.

[02 Mar : 19:31]
[26 Feb : 00:13]
tks william
[19 Feb : 17:28]

Hi William,
Thank you very much!
[18 Feb : 14:13]
i have copied HOT campaign and maps to COOL server.
You will now have all campaigns of both servers on COOL server.
[17 Feb : 11:21]
Hi Christian,

I have a full backup of HOT server including the campaign file i made.
When i have time i will add them to COOL server.
[16 Feb : 19:30]

Hi William,
I hope you can save the campaigns "Cris1" and "Cris2" to put them onto Cool-server. Bothe are on "Desert"-server, but they can not be voted.
[11 Feb : 23:58]
thanks for inf william
[04 Feb : 10:51]
On February 21 2023 the subscription of HOT server comes to an end.
From that day on we will have 4 servers left.

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