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Thu Aug 04 2011, 03:44am Print View
[ General ]
Joined: Sun Nov 14 2010, 03:17pm
Posts: 13
Dear All,

So far I focussed myself on playing two games: RTCW and E.T.. I recently reinstalled RTCW but I noticed the famous OpenGL error which prevents the game from loading on my PC. I visited tons of sites and tried numerous solutions but so far I wasn't able to resolve the issue. I was wondering if my fellow clannies or other regular players on the servers also play other games next to RTCW and / or E.T and if so which one(s)? I doubted for a very long time to buy one of the versions in the COD and / or BF series but I haven't decided yet if I will buy one of these games. Even if I ever will by one of these games I will never quit playing E.T..

Kind regards,

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Fri Oct 21 2011, 01:45pm
Village idiot of the year
[ General of the Army ]

Joined: Fri Jun 02 2006, 10:16pm
Location: Vrolingen (Wellen)/Limburg/Belgium
Posts: 452
A solution that worked in the past was installing an older version of your videocard driver.
The Open GL drivers are embedded in your videocard drivers.

You could try running GLSetup which checks your OpenGL installation and installs the needed libraries.

You can find GLSETUP here [link]
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[12 Jan : 23:13]
Thanks for the donation Christian
Danke fuer die Spende Christian
[08 Jan : 17:13]

Hello Mark,
nice to see you again.
Greetings to you and your lovely Exeter.

[08 Jan : 12:35]
Hey Mark , welcome back
[06 Jan : 23:14]
Happy new year!
Sorry it's been so long
[04 Jan : 18:47]
Happy New year All
[01 Jan : 16:39]

[30 Dec : 16:47]
thanks William
[30 Dec : 16:43]
i cant get etnam working properly.
therefore i have converted it into COOL server.
Happy fragging
[30 Dec : 12:43]
Got error playing nam server. 152 error.
[29 Dec : 18:52]
I have converted teh XMAS server to ETNAM 32 player with 12 bots.
It will be online until february
[28 Dec : 19:45]
thanks guys, make the days count
[25 Dec : 09:39]
Merry Christmas!
[24 Dec : 15:03]
Merry Christmas TDA;

[23 Dec : 17:24]
Happy Birthday Ron
Fijne verjaardag Ron
[23 Dec : 15:49]



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