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 Important Threads
Announcement Thread
hey all SIGN THE PETITION to remake "Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Sun Jan 16 2011, 11:52pm
5 9411 ((TDA))Pgubacso(RS)
Mon Aug 10 2015, 10:46pm
Sticky Thread
Here is the list of teams and their members Goto page: [ 1 2 ]
Fri Jun 08 2007, 08:17pm
36 15270 ^((TDA^))Cris-D50(Ger)
Sun Nov 08 2009, 10:19pm
 Forum Threads
Download the RTCW Punkbuster files and Download PBSVC HERE
Thu Aug 06 2015, 07:14am
None 4609 -
Sun Aug 02 2015, 05:27am
None 4565 -
Thu Aug 04 2011, 03:44am
1 6858 ^((TDA^))Guerna(B)
Fri Oct 21 2011, 01:45pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
i ave news i creat other remake mp beach(rtcw)
Fri Jun 03 2011, 03:13am
5 9069 ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI
Mon Jun 13 2011, 06:12am
I'm back
Mon Feb 14 2011, 10:31pm
4 5132 ^((TDA^))Camo(UK)
Tue Mar 08 2011, 09:55am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
question bout my using my other browser?
Fri Jun 25 2010, 04:05am
6 6215 ^((TDA^))Mitcho21
Sat Sep 25 2010, 10:39pm
my map mp beach555v3 final
Sun Sep 12 2010, 02:11am
1 3260 ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI
Fri Sep 17 2010, 09:54pm
my first map basic (GTKRADIANT) for RTCW
Wed Jun 16 2010, 08:59am
None 2886 -
NEW vidéo HQ 720pi
Sun Apr 11 2010, 11:13am
1 3334 ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI
Sun Apr 18 2010, 09:42am
Tue Mar 02 2010, 09:51pm
2 3685 ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI
Mon Mar 15 2010, 02:03pm
look my new page web nouvelle version couleur e.t.c
Tue Feb 16 2010, 05:21pm
None 2548 -
look my little vidéo rtcw fritbot spqr
Fri Feb 12 2010, 05:11pm
3 4258 ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI
Tue Feb 16 2010, 05:17pm
Can't Connect
Tue May 12 2009, 07:52pm
1 3470 ^((TDA^))Rusty(B)
Tue May 12 2009, 09:37pm
try this solo map :) It's a remake of level E1M1 from the original Wolfenstein 3D.
Fri Jan 02 2009, 05:49am
2 19244 ^((TDA^))Mitcho21
Sat Jan 10 2009, 08:33am
Hello !
Mon Jan 05 2009, 02:42am
2 3788 ^((TDA^))Rusty(B)
Mon Jan 05 2009, 06:29pm
That it is to play the guitar
Mon Nov 17 2008, 12:06am
3 4442 ^((TDA^))Zoltar
Fri Dec 05 2008, 04:06am
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Hello gang !
Sun Nov 16 2008, 09:54pm
5 6356 ^((TDA^))Biscuit(Qc)
Fri Nov 21 2008, 10:10pm
RTCW 2 info - Official :)
Sun Jul 13 2008, 04:26am
2 4667 ^((TDA^))RIKWAR(QC)(MÿDI
Wed Aug 06 2008, 02:39pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
Hello all !
Sun Apr 27 2008, 04:04am
5 5294 ^((TDA^))Macio(PL)
Mon Jun 02 2008, 04:57pm
No New Posts on Popular Thread
BLACK OPS Jaymod Tournament
Thu May 15 2008, 09:32am
9 5785 ^((TDA^))Stitch(NL)
Thu May 29 2008, 12:20pm
Sat Mar 15 2008, 03:17pm
1 3285 ^((TDA^))Sicilian(US)
Sat Mar 15 2008, 04:07pm
sicilian's buddehs band!!! (side project)
Thu Feb 07 2008, 01:28am
2 3381 ^((TDA^))Rusty(B)
Fri Feb 08 2008, 10:49am
RTCW Fritzbot : mp_resurrection how to set your cvars
Tue Jan 29 2008, 03:43pm
None 2809 -
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[13 Mar : 14:04]
Hi all,

I have uploaded a different version of beach_1944 map to the server.
Spawn seems to work properly now.
Lemme know if there still is a problem. If so i will take down the map from server.

[05 Mar : 23:04]
Hey Pierre, I fixed the problem and tested beach maps.They spawn fine now.
[05 Mar : 16:31]
hi William, could you reload beach on "fun" there is a bug on the spawn, we appears outisde of the map
[03 Mar : 01:59]
Hi Erwin,
Get well soon.
Hope you will be back and ready to frag on server again.

[02 Mar : 19:31]
[26 Feb : 00:13]
tks william
[19 Feb : 17:28]

Hi William,
Thank you very much!
[18 Feb : 14:13]
i have copied HOT campaign and maps to COOL server.
You will now have all campaigns of both servers on COOL server.
[17 Feb : 11:21]
Hi Christian,

I have a full backup of HOT server including the campaign file i made.
When i have time i will add them to COOL server.
[16 Feb : 19:30]

Hi William,
I hope you can save the campaigns "Cris1" and "Cris2" to put them onto Cool-server. Bothe are on "Desert"-server, but they can not be voted.
[11 Feb : 23:58]
thanks for inf william
[04 Feb : 10:51]
On February 21 2023 the subscription of HOT server comes to an end.
From that day on we will have 4 servers left.
[26 Jan : 22:48]
Hallo Christian,
Viel zu lange her das ich dir online bejegenet habe.
Ich bin froh dich hier wieder im Chatbox zu sehen.

Hey TDA anyone here ? Glad to see Chris on the chatbox again.
Say hi. Been way too long.
Come one team
[26 Jan : 18:21]
I observed this new player "Pgubacso" for several days.
I got sure this must be a new player - may be a relativ of Otto and could not be my best-known friend Otto.
Otto should make him a new profile - may be Pgubacso-2.
[20 Jan : 23:28]
Hi Otto
You and your son are welcome any time

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