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Sunday 07 March 2021

 American Civil War Server is open for testing

Our 32 player AMERICAN CIVIL WAR total conversion server is open for testing.
Come and have a good fragging in the wild west.

^((TDA^))Guerna(B)onSunday 07 March 2021 - 10:22:31
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[26 Sep : 17:15]
Hi everybody, I just finished upgrading ETNAM server and added 2 etnam maps in the rotation. While i was at it i set BEACH server to run Beach invasion forever. Finally i have upgraded all servers to run patch 2.60b since this could fix some graphical issues like orange textures in game (sky and floor) Please test if the servers run fine now. If not please let me know so i can fix things.
[22 Sep : 18:15]
Yes Otto
[11 Sep : 20:05]
hello TDA

happy fragging
[08 Sep : 22:33]
Cris Tomorow we go to HOT
[08 Sep : 22:32]
Hi guys
[12 Jul : 08:18]
Thanks William and glad to be back.

[10 Jul : 10:22]
Hi Erwin,
Welcome back.
[10 Jul : 08:30]
Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well!
[08 Jul : 00:19]
Salut Rik !
Trop longtemps q’ on c’ est vu ici.
Hi Rik
Way too long since your last visit.

[06 Jul : 02:12]
hi . bonjour comment va toulemonde
[05 Jun : 15:54]
Keine Ursache Christian,
Danke schon
[04 Jun : 18:13]
Shame on me!

I forgot your birthday, William.
(on vacation).
So today let me wish you All The Best
and stay healthy.

[07 May : 10:54]
I cleared xp on FUN server for all players and updated the adminlevels for players.
XP directory was growing too big.

Wolf Pack
[29 Apr : 10:10]
How do i sign up for level 3?

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