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Welcome to the^((TDA^)) Website

Wednesday 13 July 2011

 The Secret TDA Files

^((TDA^))Guerna(B)onWednesday 13 July 2011 - 11:23:15
comment: 0

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[18 Apr : 21:15]



[14 Apr : 17:51]
FUN and DEERT server lease are paid until july
[03 Apr : 19:33]
[15 Mar : 15:09]
Hello Rusty,
nice to read from you.
Thanks for your lovely wishes.

[14 Mar : 09:09]
Happy Belated Birthday Chris! I was out of service. In fact I still am, but I often think of you all. I still have some issues with my screen, but eventually I will resolve them.
[09 Mar : 21:57]


[08 Mar : 19:33]
OK, Doug,
if you mean....
[05 Mar : 09:46]
Age is only a number. I m not far behind you in age and you only live once.
[04 Mar : 19:40]
OH Doug,
I am not young enough any more,
7 are my end.
[28 Feb : 07:56]
Hi Cris. BTW that pic was taken about
3 years ago in Holguin Cuba. The lady on the left is my neighbor in Canada. The girl on the right is my girlfriend in Cuba. It is a beautiful Caribbean island that I love. The people are wonderful and you should meet me there sometime. The ratio between men and women is 7 women to 1 man. Lol
[28 Feb : 07:44]
Thanks Cris. I look forward
to playing with you
on SPQR servers soon.
[27 Feb : 16:06]
Hey Doug,
many thanks for your wishes.
B.t.w. nice picture in your profile.
I like that.
[27 Feb : 09:12]
Happy Birthday
Cris Best Wishes to you
[26 Feb : 11:45]
Hello William,
Hi Otto,
Thanks a lot for your lovely wishes!
[26 Feb : 09:20]
Alles guten zum Geburtstag Cris

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