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Monday 05 June 2006

 Upgrade CMS to version 0.7.5 went well

In order to keep e107 CMS up to date with the latest developments , I upgraded to version 0.7.5.
If by any chance some links are broken or if something is not working properly, please let me know.

^((TDA^))Guerna(B)onMonday 05 June 2006 - 22:07:50
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[20 Apr : 18:03]
jBelle video.
[18 Apr : 14:34]
RTCW 2021 tres loin des graphique 2002 [link]
[28 Mar : 19:16]
COOL and DESERT servers are down. is fixing the problem

We are unfortunately experiencing an outage for some of our server hosts in the Amsterdam, Netherlands location.

Our network engineers are actively working with our upstream providers to restore connectivity as quickly as possible.
[09 Mar : 22:56]
Merci Rik. Belle video. Le temps coule vite. Super memoires
[09 Mar : 19:55]
Congrats Albert
[09 Mar : 08:11]
old server spqr [link]

[03 Jan : 21:49]
:happy new year 2022
[03 Jan : 01:14]
happy new year 2022
[01 Jan : 19:13]
Happy New Year to all TDA and players pllaying to our servers
[01 Jan : 18:18]
Happy New Year !

[25 Dec : 10:00]
Happy Birthday Ron and to everybody
[24 Dec : 13:23]
Happy Birthday Ron
[24 Dec : 12:25]


and to ALL:

[24 Dec : 11:28]

To all a Merry Christmas. Stay safe in good health
[24 Dec : 05:03]
GOOD NEWS ! mod solo for rtcw The Victors have arrived!

link >>> [link]

is big files 1.3 GB

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